Keep the Bulls charging and the Bears at Bay! Want an 80% share of royalties monthly? Just keep the Floor Price higher than the launch price (0.02ETH).

Yup, it's that easy! Limited to 5,555 interchanging BULLS and BEARS, holding the Bulls running gives every holder of BVB an 80% share of monthly royalties.

Beware, though, set the bears free, and the percentage drops to 20%. Join us now in this exciting community project.

PRICE: 0.02 ETH each.


Cage the bears and free the bulls! We've all been wrecked by bears, feeling helpless as they prowl the crypto market. But what if you had the power to uncage the Bulls and battle head to head with the Bears. Yes! The time has come where YOU can decide along with our community of investors. The power lies in our hands!

This is not just another NFT cartoon art project. By investing in BVB, you are investing in a community-driven project focused on working together to grow each other's wealth. The rarity, properties, traits of our art is not the essence of this project. Even at this early stage in the industry, the market is becoming saturated with such projects. BVB is here to shake things up for serious NFT investors who want to receive a monthly passive income from their investment. 80% or 20%? Give you back control and have a say.

How does it work?
On the secondary market(i.e. OPENSEA) KEEP the FLOOR PRICE higher than the launch price(0.02ETH) monthly, then every hodler of BVB gets to share 80% of the royalties for the month. If the FLOOR PRICE is lower than launch price, unfortunately hodlers will get just 20% of total royalties for the month.

Good News!
BVB gives you double, this is also first of it's kind. Let's break it down to you. Bvb is a two-Nfts-in-one type; a bull and a bear. When floor price is higher than launch price, BVB becomes a bull BUT when the floor price is less than launch price, BVB changes into a bear Sounds great, right?

Not to worry, whenever these changes occur, you get the same NFT so you can't lose what you got at start.


Well apart from getting a share of this nice collection

BVB NFT serves as a ticket into our school. You heard that right, we have a school where we teach the basics of NFTs and crypto. All you need is at least 1 BVB NFT in your wallet

BVB governance token: At 50% sales, our token will be created this will be used in the governance of our NFT. Other plans? This would be decided by the community because we would like you to be involved in decision making.

Clubs: You are probably thinking of an entertainment club, nah. We plan on having a proposal club and the community club. What's the use of this?


You need at least one of bullsVSbears NFT to become a member. The community club members vote on proposals with the use of their governance token to help build a great community and project. You get rewarded with your share of the monthly royalties and a certain percentage of our governance token


You need at least 20 of bullsVSbears NFT to become a member, You can propose new features or decision. Receive a badge when your proposal gets accepted by the community.


  • 50% SALES: Our Token will be created, this will be used in the governance of our NFT.
  • 100% SALES: BVB token distribution and game development begins, this will enable hodlers and players earn and get value from BVB
  • BVB school : This is currently up and running


  • WHAT IS THE TOTAL SUPPLY: There is a total of 5,555 generative bullsVSbears NFT.
  • HOW MANY CAN I BUY IN ONE TRANSACTION? : A maximum of 20 BVB in a single transaction
  • HOW MANY TYPES OF TRAITS WILL THEY HAVE? : Bears have a total of 12 traits while Bulls have a total of 8 traits
  • WHAT DO WE GET AT MINT? : You get a BULL at mint till the end of the month. The floor price determines what you get after.
  • HOW CAN I BUY AT LAUNCH? : On the proposed launch date, go to the MINT page, connect your metamask and you are good to go
  • WHERE CAN I VIEW MY MINTED BVB: They are available to view on the gallery page and (https://opensea.io/)


We'd love to hear from you!

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